The High Society Project

An Introduction

Writing, Photography, Interactive Multimedia and Design Work by Liz Goode & Stacey Lambert. 

As news coverage moves to the digital sphere, more and more stories are told in immersive, interactive and multimedia forms. This article is an example of this emerging method of non-linear storytelling that caters to the self directed web reader.

It's called "The High Society Project".  A collaboration between myself and Stacey Lambert, this article blends together conventional media and new types of interactive elements in order to invite the audience along on a self-directed exploration of Toronto's marijuana activism community. It also encourages user participation through the use of the unifying hashtag #HighSocietyProject.

"The High Society Project" includes key interactivity components, including:

  • Wirewix: This user-directed video experience allows the audience to explore the video's subject based on pop-ups that appear over the course of an embedded video.
  • Timeline: A surf-friendly timeline spanning years gives the audience a chance to connect with key moments relevant to the news story. Each date brings up a unique image, video and/or custom narrative.
  • ThingLink: This photo slideshow lets the audience click on buttons on the photo in order to bring up text, links and other media. 
  • StoryMap: Both visually attractive and useful, this map lets the audience explore locations at their own pace or follow-along on a geo-tagged story about the subject at hand. 

And without further adieu, let me present to you "The High Society Project". Just click on the image below to get started.