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Liz Goode



- Hello I'm Liz- 

I’m a senior writer, content strategist, and creative producer based on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada.

Giving shape to the most impactful stories inside of any brand or campaign inspires all my work. After all, there’s nothing better than building memorable and amazing experiences for users, readers, and audiences through the written word. 

What Clients Say
"Liz is such a bright, kind, positive, radiant person to work with and let me start off with anyone would be lucky to work alongside her. Liz's writing style is brilliant and creative. She really as you say "She has a way with words"! At Apply Liz was there leading any creative work we had to put out there for our marketing, peoples blogs, articles, client work - you did it all and you are a master of it all. Your creative view really stands out and makes a huge impact for a team. Thank you Liz for everything you do we could not of done what we did without you!"
Evangeline Rotondi (She/Her)
Head of People and Happiness officer @Lazer Technologies